French Tourist Schengen Visas



The applicant MUST be resident in the UK (excludes Scotland), e.g. Requires Leave To Remain in the UK as a student, working holiday maker, work permit holder, HSMP, Tier 1, Tier 2 etc…
The UK residency permit must be endorsed in the actual passport (or on a new biometric ID card). Home Office stamps/vignettes that are on separate documents will not be accepted by the embassy – If Visa Dependent, original marriage/birth certificate required + the primary resident’s passport.
The applicant’s UK Leave must exceed the validity of the requested visa by more than 3 months. The embassy no longer issues visas for travel during the last remaining 3 months validity of the UK residence permit.
The passport validity must exceed the validity of the requested visa by more than 3 months and must have a full blank page for the visa stamp and an additional spare page.

The Schengen application form is to be completed and signed by the applicant/guardian in box 37 and the last declatation box.

The photographs are to be (45mm x 35mm), colour, less than one month old, taken against a white/pale grey background with good contrast clear/good quality image, printed on normal photographic paper, full face without sunglasses or head covering. Scanned images will be rejected by the French Embassy.

Supporting Documents Requirements for a French Schengen Tourist Visa:

Letter from UK Employer + last 3 payslips; or a letter from accountant (if self employed) or letter from university (if school trip/student – letter requires statement of responsibility for student while in France and full itinerary). The letter must be on official letter headed paper, be less than 1 month old at the time of application submission, it must state your current work/course status, it must be signed and have full contact details;
Dependants of the primary UK Leave sponsor (eg Husband/Wife/Child) are required to present the sponsors’ original passport and where applicable , their original marriage/birth certificate. The marriage certificate must be in French or English. Marriage certificates in other languages must be translated and the translation must be authenticated by the respective embassy in the UK. Non UK marriage certificates should be legalised/authenticated at the respective embassy in the UK irrespective of the written language.
Confirmed return ticket to France or confirmation from travel agent showing proof of payment (no open ticket itinerary). Where travelling any significant distance from initial port of entry into France, proof of the means of transport used to get to the other destinations must be supplied. This applies to transiting within France or on to a neighbouring country in or outside of Europe See – Transportation To France
Proof of Hotel reservation confirmation required from the actualhotels throughout the whole itinerary showing the hotel’s full contact details, proof of payment and applicant’s name. If visiting friends/relatives; a French certificate of board and lodgings (Attestation d’ Accueil) must be obtained from local French Town Hall or Police Station – It shouldbe noted that the embassy will only issue a visa valid for the duration of the stay with friends/family – Proof of accommodation is required throughout the entire trip. See – French Hotels
Proof of financial means of support for the duration of the stay in France (a minimum of € 60 per day). Evidence by way of original travellers cheques, signed by the applicant (ideally with purchase receipt) OR the most recent month’s (original checking account) bank statement where the closing balance date is less than ONE MONTH old at the time of the application submission date, otherwise and additional current balance printout must be provided to corroborate the accounts’ current balance. Must be a personal current/checking account (NOT SAVINGS). Overdrafts are not accepted, nor are credit card statements – Alternatively, Travellers cheques can be provided. The applicants name must be on the travellers cheques’ payment receipt or they need to have physically signed the cheques;
Travel Insurance – MUST cover Schengen region (NOT JUST FRANCE), repatriation is compulsory. The documentation must show applicant name, their policy number and the amount of cover. The policy must cover the duration of the visit (An annual cover policy will improve the chances of being issued a longer term multiple entry French Schengen Visa). See -Annual Travel Insurance Cover ;
Driving In France :
Proof of car insurance to drive in Europe must be provided along with copy of vehicle ownership(log book) or rental agreement. See -International Car Insurance;
Minors – Require a full birth certificate, both parents’ original passports (and original marriage certificate if married). Full Birth Certificates (showing both parents’ names) must be in French or English. All certificates in other languages must be translated and the translation must be authenticated by the respective embassy (both documents required). Unless stated otherwise, all non UK registrar issued certificates will require authentication/legalisation at the respective country’s embassy in London irrespective of the written language;

Nationals from the following countries should take into consideration the longer visa application processing time when booking travel itineraries:

Afghanistan . Algeria . Bangladesh . Belarussian . Burma . Burundi . Colombia . Congo(Zaire) . Egypt . Indonesia . Iran . Iraq . Jordan . Kuwait . North Korea . Lebanon . Libya . Myanmar . Nigeria . Oman . Pakistan . Palestine . Philippines . Qatar . Rwanda . Somalia . Sudan . Surinam . Syria . Tunisia . United Arab Emirates . Vietnam . Yemen . Zimbabwe

The French embassy’s processing time for the above passport holders/nationals is2 – 3 WEEKS

Domestic Workers

Additional documentation requirements for visa nationals resident in the UK that are considered to be in a state of employment whilst in France – Nannies; Au Pairs etc:

Formal Contract Of Employment (in addition to the above employer’s letter of reference and pay slips)
Copy of household employer’s passport + letter declaration that form E101 has been submitted
Proof of completed/pending E101 application HMRC National Insurance

The French Consulate in London DOES NOT allow agencies to submit applications for the following:

Holders of C-VISIT visas (foreign national visiting the UK on a visitor visa)
Business visit visas
UK residents that have been issued with 6 month or less residency from date of UK entry (eg. Fiancé visa)
Residents of Scotland must apply in person at the consulate in Edinburgh.
Applicants whose passport shows that they have in the past initially travelled on a new French Schengen visa without treating France as their main destination.